Let Flowers in the Woods Help You Choose Your Wedding Flowers

The wedding flowers you choose are more than just your favourite flower, and you have to consider many other aspects for this day if you want your flowers to look lovely and match your theme. Let’s discuss a few tips for choosing your flowers, what types will work best for your needs, the colours, as well as the areas that require flowers.

We can happily assist you in choosing your flowers, and it will be best to get to know you, your style and your wedding theme a little better to advise you on which flowers will be perfect for your nuptials. This day is the one you don’t want anything to go wrong, so put your trust in our 20 years of experience and our network of suppliers for choosing your wedding bouquet flowers.

How a Wedding Florist in Sydney Can Help You

You already have so much to keep track of for your wedding planning, especially if you do everything yourself. Let us help you and take one burden off your shoulders by taking care of the flower arrangements and delivery.

In the chaos of it all, it can be easy to forget all venues and aspects of the wedding - the chapel, reception, photos, wedding parties, and more. Flowers feature in many more areas than you may know, but here are some options of where you can incorporate flowers into your wedding day:

  • Bridal bouquet flowers. You can experiment with your bouquet to make it exactly what you want. For example, adding greenery to your bouquet can give it a classic look, especially if you opt for a more natural theme. For a Boho theme, you can even add unconventional options such as succulents or different shades of roses to your bridal bouquet if you wish to stick to the symbolism of love.
  • Bridesmaid’s wedding bouquets. You may want your bouquet to be the focal point when you walk down the aisle. However, it would help if you don’t neglect your bridesmaids’ dresses or bouquets. We can help you play around with different flowers here or use greenery and succulents instead of flowers.
  • Tossing bouquet. Depending on what you want to do with your bridal arrangement, you can have a different, fresh posy to use as the tossing bouquet and not one that had to endure an entire day of heat and photoshoots.
  • Groom and family boutonniere. It is common practice to give the groom a bit of colour to match the theme with a boutonniere similar to the flowers in your bouquet. You can also provide the mothers with a corsage as the guests of honour at your wedding.
  • Flower Girl and Ring Bearer. Will you have a flower girl and a ring bearer? Consider a flower crown and petals that she can scatter in the aisle and a boutonniere for the ring bearer. Let’s also discuss whether you will be placing decorations at the end of every pew along the aisle.
  • Entrance Arrangement. In the chapel, you can have a massive entrance arrangement to welcome the guests with the aroma of fresh flowers and get them in a happy mood for the ceremony. You can move wedding flowers in Sydney to the reception complemented by smaller centrepieces on the guest tables with the same flowers and greenery to enhance the theme.
  • Don’t forget the gift and cake table. You can’t have enough flowers at your reception; you want it to feel like a wonderland for just one day, so see the theme through on all tables and even add a flower to the cake.
  • Confetti. Rose petals are still a great way to lessen the impact you make on the environment, and it is a green option to use for confetti, along with herbs or dried leaves cut into hearts if you want more attention to detail.

When choosing table centrepieces, consider your guests. Smaller arrangements with a mild scent are preferable as overwhelming scents, and bulky arrangements could annoy sinuses, restrict the view, and prevent conversation between guests around the table. Ultimately, this is your day, so first, make decisions based on your theme and what you love.

Seasonal Wedding Bouquets in Sydney

Before you even think about flower options, you should consider the season of your wedding. You can order many flowers throughout the year, such as roses and daisies, but some flowers are only available during specific seasons. If you have set your heart on a particular flower, it would be best to discuss availability with your florist.

  • From January to May, you can expect to find dahlias, tiger lilies, orchids, hydrangeas, frangipani, flowering gums, gerbera, tulips and more.
  • In wintertime, you have the following to look forward to: Peonies have a very short flowering season, and their season is June and July in Australia. You can also expect to see sweet peas, blushing bride, daffodils and ranunculus.
  • September and October. Springtime is the time of new energy and growth and brings with it Pieris, waratah, king protea and waxflowers.
  • In Summertime, you can add the following flowers to your bouquets: November is peony season, where you will find them at their best and mid-season, while the hydrangea, dahlia, freesia, petunia, and poppy season starts in November.

Essential flowers that you will find blooming all year include roses, orchids, babies breath, and various foliage which are ideal for your wedding flower arrangements.

What Flowers In The Woods Can Offer You

With over 20 years in the industry, we understand everything about flowers, when your best chances are to find a specific variety, and what greenery or foliage goes well with which blooms in a bouquet. Leave the bridal bouquets in Sydney to us, your experienced, creative wedding florist.

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