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Combining top-notch technology with experienced sourcing enables us to provide a comprehensive range of online flowers and gifts delivered anywhere in Sydney and its surrounds. We’re committed to providing good-quality blooms for various occasions, as well as experienced customer service you can trust.

What You Can Expect From Flowers In The Woods When You Order Flowers Online

Flowers are an essential part of weddings and other special events and play a prominent role in decorating and gifting. You can enjoy multiple benefits when you choose to buy flowers online.

  • We understand the importance of time. Getting everything ready on your wedding day is not a quick job, and we know that each second of the day is valuable to you. As there are multiple tasks for you to handle throughout the day leading up to the ceremony, you can place your trust in us to deliver your chosen flowers on time, allowing you to focus on the other arrangements. We won’t let you face any troubles on your special day because we value your peace of mind.
  • We focus on quality. We know that quality is an important aspect of flowers that we can’t neglect. Usually, we associate flowers with special occasions, and that requires top-quality, fresh blooms. A good florist must go above and beyond to provide each customer with the most beautiful range of flowers possible, all in good health. From the most delicate roses to rich greenery, we source our blossoms from suppliers we’ve trusted for years.
  • We’re cost-effective. While we deal with the best quality flowers, we don’t charge exorbitant prices. We can accommodate clients with various budgets while catering to your unique needs by keeping our prices reasonable. If you have something in mind, let us know your budget, and we can put together an ideal package for you.
  • We listen to you. We know that the only way to stay competitive in our industry is to listen to your feedback and implement your requests. We strive to offer a wide variety to cater to different requirements, and we also want to provide convenience for you. As an online florist, we allow you to shop from the comfort of your own home, offer multiple payment options, and on-time delivery to your door.

Key Questions to Ask Us About Our Online Flowers in Sydney

Whether you’re ordering flowers as a gift or for an event, we’ve compiled a few of our most frequently asked questions to answer your queries.

  • What happens if you try to deliver and no one is home? We assess each delivery scenario individually. If you have a protected and safe delivery area shaded from the elements, we will leave it there and follow up with a phone call to ensure you receive your package. If we cannot leave it at the delivery location, we’ll leave it with a neighbour. If this option is unavailable, we will contact you to arrange a new delivery time or offer an in-store collection option.
  • How can I get my flowers to last longer? As flowers take in water through the end and sides of the stems, the easiest way to keep your flowers fresh is to keep the water level in the vase topped up at all times. Placing your bouquet in a cool, shaded location will keep them fresher for longer. So avoid direct sunlight and electrical appliances that emit heat. We include a complimentary care package with each of your orders with a flower preservative. Following these directions can extend your flowers’ life.
  • What is a flower preservative made from? Our preservative includes three basic components. Sugar for added nutrition, an acidifier to regulate the PH level in the water, and a combination of compounds that work as stem unpluggers to ensure each flower can absorb sufficient water.
  • Where do you get your flowers? We’ve formed relationships with various local suppliers that enable us to provide you with a wide range of flowers for every occasion. Our preferred growers also assist us to provide only the freshest flowers straight from the earth to your door.
  • Why do the prices increase during holidays? Like most companies in agriculture, supply and demand determine pricing. On Valentine’s Day, florists sell around 100 million roses nationwide. The growers start their rose crop at the beginning of the year, requiring additional labour throughout the production stage. The increased volume of the flowers means a higher transport cost to get to the shops and florists. These factors all contribute to the proportionate cost of the flowers on special days throughout the year.

Tips for Getting More Value When You Order Flowers Online in Sydney

In the past, buying flowers meant a trip to your local florist, with a personal consultation required to view the available options. Today, ordering flowers online offers convenience with delivery and tailored customer service.

  • Choose flowers according to season. Different flowers require different weather conditions to bloom and are not all available throughout the year. Naturally, when you use our online flower delivery in Sydney,you’ll find seasonal blooms and plants. However, flowers that are not in season are typically more expensive as we source from outer-lying regions.
  • Choose flowers suited to your occasion. Specific flowers carry longstanding traditions to consider. We have sorted the arrangements in our online store according to the occasion to allow even the most inexperienced customers to choose the right bouquet for their event.
  • Browse the flowers thoroughly. As an online florist in Sydney, we understand that you need every detail of each flower provided to make an informed decision. Our online store offers multiple images for each option, including inspiration pictures to help you choose your ideal bouquet.

Why Trust Us Regarding Online Flower Delivery

Whether you need arrangements for romance, to celebrate or sympathise, you can trust us when you order flowers that suit your event and budget. For more information or to discuss an upcoming event, please don’t hesitate to contact us.