Company Info

In 1995 Phyllis the founder of flowers in woods opened a small flower shop in Chatswood NSW. After few years of trading in Chatswood Phyllis decided to open her second flower shop in Sydney south west, closer to home to raise her daughters who are now very successful florists and own their business’

Today while the shop still flourishes, its founder, her daughter Angie and talented staff have Continued to gain a great reputation with clients, events and commercial clients. Flowers in the woods has continued to influence interior stylists, hospitality industry and the modern rituals of giving and displaying beautiful florals. Together the team at flowers in the woods have gained a strong reputation with big corporate companies and event stylists.

At Flowers in the woods our team is committed to creating unforgettable memories of happiness and we truly understand the sensitivities during times of sadness. Our understanding, experience and passion for the industry is what helps us produce unique and timeless flowers for every occasion.


Trust Us as Your Florist in Sydney

When you choose a florist in Sydney, make sure that they have the knowledge and passion for flowers so you can gain the most from your experience with them.

What to Expect From a Flower Store in Sydney

We have just the right flower combinations for you, no matter the occasion - sympathy, romance or celebration. Here are some tips for you when you need to choose flowers for a specific event or occasion:

  • Sympathy or get well soon. If you can imagine what someone must be going through who suffered the loss of a loved one, you can see why we would recommend pastel, white or soft colours. White roses with greenery in between are always a good option.
  • Birthday or graduation. Two of the happiest of celebrations in life. You can go bright, sunflower, daisies, or a mixed bunch for added surprise and aroma.
  • Roses are naturally associated with love and romance, but different coloured roses have different meanings. Pink is for appreciation, white for purity while combining red and white signifies unity.

We come from the humble beginnings of a small flower store in Chatswood, and we now serve private and commercial clients in Sydney and its surrounds.

Corporate and Wedding Services as Flower Shop in Sydney

Flowers are perfect for any occasion, good or bad and will lift your mood, as it’s a treat for your eyes and nose, two senses that are vital in lifting your mood and sparking memories. We also provide corporate and wedding services if you need flowers on a bigger scale:

  • Wedding flowers. To get the widest variety and the best flowers, we have built a reliable network of suppliers in Sydney to supply the flowers we need for your wedding bouquets, aisle decorations and welcome arrangement.
  • Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, Boss’s Day, company ceremony day. Flowers are perfect for your business functions or special days to make your staff feel valued and special.
  • Christenings, birthday parties or special anniversaries. We can supply you with flowers for any occasion, big or small. Let us know what you have in mind, what theme you’re going with, and we can give you advice on which flowers will work best for you.

Gifting flowers is all about creating memories and happiness, and we want to ensure that your event is a happy one filled with bouquets, hat boxes, vases or potted flowers.

Who We Are

Flowers run in our veins as Phyllis opened her first small florist in Chatswood while raising her daughters, who, in turn, also have their own flower shops. She runs her florist in Sydney with daughter Angie to brighten the day Sydney residents with beautiful arrangements.

Contact us if you need advice or you are ready to place your personal or corporate order.