Sympathy Flowers

Your Guide to Sympathy Flowers

After a loved one has passed away, sending a bouquet of sympathy flowers to the deceased's family conveys the message of your condolences towards them. The beauty of flowers in the family's home can bring them comfort, knowing that people cared for their loved one. Throughout history, flowers have been sent in times of grief and mourning to express concern for the deceased's family. The flowers were and are, today still carefully chosen as each flower has a different meaning. When you need to send sympathy flowers and aren't sure which ones will convey the right message, speak to us, and we'll assist you in sending the right bouquet of sympathy flowers near Sydney.

What You Should Know About Funeral Flowers Near Sydney

The general unwritten rule of selecting funeral flowers near Sydney is the size of the arrangement. If you're close to the family, the bouquet should be bigger than if they're acquaintances. If you've never sent funeral flowers before, you may be unaware of how to go about choosing the flowers, when to send them, and what to write on the card. Here is what you can consider regarding funeral flowers:

  • Type of arrangement. There are three main types of arrangements that are suitable to be sent with your condolences. The first is the bouquet, which is generally a small bunch of flowers wrapped in cellophane; you should give these to the family members of someone you may not have known very well. You can choose to send a larger arrangement where the flowers come in a wicker basket, vase, or pot; these arrangements are better suited for a close friend or an extended member of your family. Thirdly, you can choose to send a wreath but ask first as the family usually selects it.
  • The card. Finding the right words to write on the card can be difficult, especially if you aren't that great with writing. Sympathy cards are usually small and only require a few words on them. Using phrases such as "Our condolences for your loss" or "Our thoughts are with you during this difficult time" are great words to use when you aren't sure what to say. Be sure to include both your first and last name on the card as the family may know other people with the same first name as yours. Always ensure that you add a card with your sympathy flowers delivery.
  • Timing is everything. While there is no wrong time to send a bouquet of sympathy flowers, it's best to send them as soon as you find out that someone has passed away. If you only find out about their passing after the funeral, you can still send them flowers and convey your late knowledge of the death in the card.

Benefits of Having Your Funeral Flowers Delivered

If you live far away from a family that has lost a loved one or can't make it to the family's residence to hand-deliver funeral flowers, you can take advantage of our funeral flowers delivery service. We can also assist the bereaved family by delivering the flowers to the funeral service itself. We'll arrange appropriate flowers for you and have them sent on your chosen date. Here are some of the benefits of having your funeral flowers delivered:

  • Saves you time. When you don't have the time to make it to our flower store, you can use our flower delivery service to ensure your chosen floral arrangement makes it to the funeral.
  • Let us do the work. If you're unsure which flowers to place in the bouquet or how to put an arrangement together, allow us to do the hard work by producing a beautiful floral arrangement and having it delivered to the bereaved family.
  • Scattered family. Nowadays, family members live in different countries and can't make it to funerals, by ordering your flowers online and using our delivery service ensures that you can still convey your condolences with a beautiful arrangement.

Why Trust Us Regarding Sympathy Flowers Delivery Near Sydney

While we offer standard arrangements, we are committed to customer satisfaction, which is why we do tailor-made flower arrangements for you. At Flowers In The Woods, we understand that when a family is grieving the loss of a loved one, they have a lot to do for the funeral; we, therefore, offer a funeral flower delivery service, so you don't have to fetch the arrangements on your emotional day.

For more information about our flowers or to place an order, contact us today.